Jane Lyttleton, Clinical Director


Jane Lyttleton

Clinical Director
BSc (Hons) NZ, MPhil Lond, Dip TCM Aus, Cert Ac, Cert Herbal Medicine, China

Jane is founder and Director of the Support clinics. She works closely with a team she has carefully chosen to deliver expert care to couples trying to conceive. She has constructed a purpose built manual and series of treatment guidance protocols that are unique to the clinics. In addition she has created a series of herbal formulas for women trying to have a baby (and their husbands), which are available for patients of the clinics. Jane monitors clinic consultations (Sydney clinics) and patient needs on a daily basis.

Jane also has a practice at and is a Director of Paddington Medical Centre, Sydney, Australia. 

She has focussed on the treatment of infertility with Chinese medicine for 30 years, and has studied with some of China's most reverred specialists. Out of the wisdom and skill of expert clinicians in infertility clinics in China, and the experience she has gained working with couples in the west, and their specialists, Jane has been able to develop acupuncture and herbal formulas appropriate for western patients having difficulty conceiving from a number of different causes. 

Jane is author of the seminal and highly acclaimed “Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine”, published in 2004 (2nd edition 2013) by Elsevier Science translated into 3 foreign languages and now in its 8th reprint. It remains the standard text on infertility for TCM students and practitioners world wide. She co-authored the popular clinical reference books “Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine: The Treatment of Disease with Chinese Medicine” in 3 volumes and has written the Chinese herb manual "Jade Woman, Jade Man Herbals"

Jane has presented at many international conferences and seminars to acupuncturists and IVF specialists.

Jane is a guest lecturer at University of Western Sydney Australia and the University of Westminster UK

She is a Fellow of Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association  and is Advisor to the board of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and Patron of the Acupuncture Fertility Network in the UK. She sits on the Board for the National Integrative Medicine Research Institute (previously NICM) at the University of Western Sydney.  She is on the Editorial Board for the International Standard Library of Chinese  Medicine at PMPH (Peoples Medical Publishing House) in Beijing. She is also Vice President of the charity Lotus Outreach Australia which works to prevent trafficking of young girls in Cambodia.